Preventing Premature Birth

In the US 1 in 8 babies is born prematurely. Premature birth can have serious and consequences and often changes how parents imagined the first few weeks of their baby’s life. November is Premature Birth Awareness month; I decided to devote a blog post to what mothers can do to help ensure a healthy full term birth.

The causes of premature birth are not clear. We know that previous history of premature birth, carrying multiples, and conceiving at very close intervals can increase a woman’s chance of going into labor. Also, there are other factors that are out of our control such as accidents, stressful events, and physiological differences.

Some factors that we can influence to reduce the chances of early birth are:

Being in good health before conceiving

Chronic conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, being over or under weight before conception are three conditions that increase chances of early delivery. If you are a woman of child bearing age it is wise to devote time and energy to being in the best health you can be in. This will not only decrease your chances of preterm delivery but also from complications to your pregnancy, and is likely to make it easier to bounce back after birth.

Positive Nutrition

Eat the Foods you want Baby to Love

It’s important to practice healthy nutrition during your pregnancy. Many mothers are surprised as their baby grows into eating solid foods that their baby loves the same foods they love. It’s no surprise though,

baby learns in the womb what foods are good foods, that is, the food you eat during your pregnancy will affect your baby’s taste preferences later.

Epigenetics has shown that the foods you eat during pregnancy significantly impact your children’s  future diet choices. Never really been into quinoa? Baby probably won’t either.

Do Not Diet

Dieting in the months before and just after conception has been linked to premature birth. “Even modest restrictions in maternal nutrition can lead to premature birth”. It appears that this may be due to acceleration in fetal adrenal gland development.

Include Vitamin Rich Foods

Two nutrients linked to healthy full term pregnancies are zinc and calcium. It’s important to eat foods that are high in bio available calcium and zinc. Zinc is most bioavailability in the form of red meat and poultry. In plant based foods much of the zinc gets bound to phytates and does not get absorbed.





almonds & cashews



mustard greens & kale


dairy products

nettle tea

Abstaining from tobacco

Smoking during pregnancy can lead to birth defects like cleft palate or lip, low birth weight and preterm birth. Smoking stunts growth, especially growth of the brain and other neurological development, by reducing the amount of oxygen to your fetus.  Babies born to smokers are more likely to have ear infections bronchitis, slow lung growth.

The risk of SIDs increases as the baby’s birthweight and gestational age goes down, babies born to mothers who smoke are two to five times more likely to die of SIDS.


Author: Saralynn Finn, CMT & Doula

I have lived and worked in 14 states, they all have their beauty. Though my travels I've learned and worked at all different things, my dedication to service is the thread that ties it all together. I am thrilled to be settling into Santa Barbara.

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  1. This message rellay hits home with me today. Last Thursday I was put on modified bedrest. This is my first pregnancy and I learned alot while trying to get pregnant about not being in control. Thought I had this down! However, being put on bedrest Thursday meant I wouldn’t make my first baby shower with my family, some of whom had traveled some distance to see me and celebrate with me. It was heartbreaking. What I keep reminding myself is that what I am controlling is how much I take care of myself and my babies to ensure the best scenario possible for them. See, I could have chosen to disregard the doctor’s orders and gone anyway. I choose not to. I choose to rest. I choose to skype to my first baby shower and enjoy as much as I could knowing I was also taking care of us. Even when there are things that we cannot control, there are also things we can control.Thanks for this post! Keri

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